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The Devil's Eye / Djävulens öga

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Year - 1960
Studio - Svensk Filmindustri (SF)
Stars - Jari Kulle, Bibi Andersson, Stig Järrel, Sture Langerwall, Ragnar Arvedson, Axel Düberg, Gertrud Fridh, Nils Poppe
Director - Ingmar Bergman
Writing Credits - Ingmar Bergman
Music - Erik Nordgren


“A woman’s chastity is a sty in the Devil’s eye.” - old Irish proverb.

The Devil (Stig Järrel) suffers from an annoying sty in his eye. His advisors inform him that the cause is a 20-year old woman about to be married and still a virgin. He fears that her example may become popular with other young women. He summons Don Juan (Jarl Kulle), who he has tortured in Hell for centuries, by tempting him daily with beautiful women, and then causing them to vanish at the critical moment.

Satan tells Don Juan that his mission is to seduce Britt-Marie (Bibi Andersson) prior to her marriage. Don Juan’s valet, Pablo (Sture Langerwall) accompanies him to Earth, and the Devil also sends a guardian demon (Ragnar Arvedson) to monitor Don Juan’s progress.

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Britt-Marie is fascinated by Don Juan’s courtly manner and she playfully flirts with him, at the same time emphasizing her love for Jonas (Axel Düberg) her husband-to-be. She even lets him kiss her, joking that she has been kissed by many men. When Jonas returns from his business trip, he and Britt-Marie have a bitter argument, and Jonas leaves angrily. But she continues to insist to Don Juan that she loves Jonas.

Pablo proceeds with his own seduction plan, with Britt-Marie’s mother, Renata (Gertrud Fridh). Britt-Marie’s father, a Vicar (Nils Poppe) engages in a debate with the guardian demon, and tricks him, locking him in his closet.

Don Juan realizes he has fallen hopelessly in love with Britt-Marie. But that change in his attitude makes him even less desirable to Britt-Marie. The trio returns to Hell, Don Juan’s mission a failure and his confidence shaken. Satan summons his “ear demon” who can listen in on Britt-Marie’s actions on Earth. He hears her wedding vows with Jonas and their subsequent lovemaking. But when Britt-Marie tells Jonas that only he has ever kissed her, the Devil's inflamed eyelid is cured.

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