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17 Again (2009)

Mike could have been a basketball star, but gave it all up for love. Now, in the midst of a failed marriage, he's offered a chance to start over. ...more

Angel-A (2005)

Lonely and broke, André is ready to end it all on a Paris bridge. But, instead, he ends up rescuing Angela from the same fate. She offers to be his friend and help him get back on his feet. ...more

Another Day (2001)

Kate's boyfriend dies in a warehouse fire. But after she nearly drowns, he arrives to comfort her. ...more

Bedazzled (2000)

Elliot, frustrated with his love life, is offered the chance to have seven wishes granted by the Devil, in exchange for the usual consequence. ...more

Before You Say "I Do" (2009)

Although she loves him, Jane can't commit to marrying George bcause of of a traumatizing experience in her first marriage. George is able to go ten years back in time to prevent her first marriage from ever happening. ...more

Birth (2004)

Ten years after her husband, Sean, dies, Anna prepares to be remarried, when a mysterious young boy appears claiming to be the reincarnation of Sean. ...more

Blue Moon (2000)

Frank and Maggie have been married for 40 years, but they are troubled with their relationship. They go to their cabin in the Catskills for relaxaton, and find a mysterious young couple there. ...more

Bothersome Man, The (2006)

Andreas finds that the afterlife isn't all that it's cracked up to be. ...more

Christmas Do-Over (2007)

Kevin regrets the failure of his marriage to Jill, but he finds himself re-living Christmas Day with her, over and over. ...more

Click (2006)

A young workaholic husband and father is given a universal remote control that gives him the power to fast forward or chapter skip the "boring" parts of his life. ...more

Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The (2008)

Benjamin is born with the qualities of an old, dying man. But, curiously, as he ages, his body gets younger and younger. ...more

Ditto / Donggam (2000)

A university student encounters the voice of a young man via ham radio. As they chat, they realize that they are in different time periods, she in 1979, he in 2000. ...more

Down to Earth (2001)

An aspiring stand-up comedian is killed in a car accident. But Heaven made an error - it wasn't his time. ...more

Dragonfly (2002)

Joe, an emergency room physician is distraught over the loss of his wife, killed in an accident in a remote Venezuelan jungle while on a humanitarian mission. Having returned from near death experiences, some hospital patients claim to have seen her calling for Joe to come to her. ...more

Enchanted (2007)

Giselle, a storybook beauty in a magical kingdom, is thrust into modern day New York City by an evil witch. Her heroic love, Prince Edward, follows to rescue her. ...more

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

A couple undergo a scientific procedure to have their memories of each other erased. They experience dizzying fragmentary visions of relationships they had, or might have had, and ultimately appreciate the indispensability of memories. ...more

Family Man, The (2000)

A wealthy and successful bachelor businessman wakes up one morning to find himself married to his college girlfriend who he had broken up with in his previous life. While it’s not the charmed life he was accustomed to, he learns that, perhaps, money isn’t everything. ...more

Five People You Meet in Heaven, The (2004)

Eddie has spent his entire working life as a maintenance engineer for a seaside amusement park, and is haunted by the tragedies he's experienced and the belief that his life has been wasted. ...more

For All Time (2000)

An advertising artist , frustrated with his career and marriage, gets off his commuter train at Sommerville — and finds himself in the 1890s. ...more

For Eternal Hearts (2007)

A college student tutors a strange, sheltered girl, who may, or may not, be a ghost. ...more

Frequency (2000)

A New York cop fires up his father's old ham radio and makes contact - with his late father, 30 years in the past. ...more

Ghost Town (2008)

During surgery, a grumpy dentist is dead on the operating table for 7 minutes. When he revives, he sees ghosts, all of whom want something from him. ...more

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)

Connor Mead is a confirmed bachelor and womanizer, determined to prevent his brother from making the mistake of marriage, until ghosts from his past arrive to reveal the error of his ways. ...more

Happy Accidents (2000)

After years of failed relationships, Ruby believes she may have found the right man; except for one thing - he says he's from the future. ...more

If Only (2004)

It takes a tragedy to teach the young businessman Ian to put love ahead of work and open up to his musician girlfriend Samantha. ...more

Il Mare / Siworae (2000)

Kim Eun-ju moves out of her lake house apartment and writes to the current resident, asking to have her mail forwarded. Han Sung-hyun replies to her letter, two years before she mailed it. ...more

Illusionist, The (2006)

Eisenheim is a popular stage illusionist in 19th century Vienna. When the woman he loves is murdered, he accuses the Crown Prince. ...more

Jacket, The (2005)

Jack Starks is sentenced to a mental institution for a crime he didn't commit. But the barbaric treatment he suffers there, sends him 14 years into the future, where he meets Jackie. ...more

Just Like Heaven (2005)

Elizabeth is a workaholic medical intern in residence, with no time for relationships, romantic or otherwise. After she has a tragic automobile accident, her spirit returns to her apartment and finds David, who is unable to cope with his own loss. ...more

Kate and Leopold (2001)

Kate lives in New York City and her ex-boyfriend stumbles across a space in the Brooklyn Bridge that acts as a time travel conduit. He time-travels to the 1870s, and is spotted by Leopold, who follows him back to the present. Kate is smitten by this dashing Englishman who adapts rather remarkably to his new environment. ...more

Lake House, The (2006)

Alex and Kate write letters to each other, but they are living two years apart in time. ...more

Legend of Bagger Vance, The (2000)

The mysterious Bagger Vance helps a young golfing phenomenon, scarred by the horrors of World War I, who has "lost his swing." ...more

Legend of Loch Lomond, The (2001)

An eighteenth century Highlander and his sweetheart are separted by war, but reunited in the modern day by a young singer who inadvertently becomes entangled in their tale. ...more

Lovely Bones, The (2009)

Susie Salmon was murdered by a vicious serial killer, but can't move on to eternity until she can help her family find peace. ...more

Loving Glances / Sjaj u ocima (2003)

Labud and Romana meet through a dating service in post-war Belgrade, but ghosts from their pasts continually advise and cajole them about their Romeo and Juliet relationship. ...more

Naken (2000)

Anders finds himself living the same day over and over, starting with his waking in a strange elevator, completely naked. ...more

Next (2007)

A Vegas magician has real psychic abilities allowing him to see up to two minutes into his own future, and the FBI desperately needs his help. ...more

One Hell of a Guy (2000)

Nick is given an assignment by the Devil to corrupt the soul of a young waitress, Cassie. ...more

Over Her Dead Body (2008)

On the day of her wedding, Kate is killed by a falling ice sculpture. Her ghost is determined to prevent her fiancee from falling in love with a beautiful psychic. ...more

Passengers (2008)

A grief counselor is assigned to work with the survivors of a plane crash but all have different memories of exactly what happened. ...more

Science of Sleep, The (2006)

Stéphane escapes from the boredom of his job by creating fanciful inventions. ...more

The Secret (2007)

A mother gives her dying daughter the gift of life - her own. ...more

Sky of Love (2003)

Xiao-jai finds herself falling in love with a man she only knows as a voice on a shortwave radio, but she discovers that he may actually be from the future. ...more

Solaris (2002)

A psychologist is sent to investigate strange phenomena on a distant space station. There he finds his late wife. ...more

Stork Day / È già ieri (2004)

A self-centered television nature program host is sent to cover the nesting behavior of storks on an island. He hates the assignment and, worse, finds himself re-living it over and over. ...more

Swing (2003)

A young musican learns to dance to swing music, at a night club that closed decades ago. ...more

Time Traveler's Wife, The (2009)

Henry has a genetic affliction - he travels randomly back and forth in time, which makes the love between Clare and himself particularly challenging. ...more

What Women Want (2000)

Freud asked the question, "What do women want?" Advertising executive, Nick Marshall, knows the answer. He can read their minds. ...more