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Dream Lovers / Mung chung yan

Dream Lovers Title Card

Year - 1986
Studio - D & B Films Co. Ltd.
Stars - Yun-Fat Chow, Brigitte Lin, Cher Yeung, Man-Lei Wong, Chung Lin
Director - Tony Au
Writing Credits - Kang Chien Chiu, Manfred Wong
Music - Wing-Fai Law


During a concert performance, Song Yu (Yun-Fat Chow), a famous orchestra conductor, has a strange vision of an ancient terracotta warrior, with his face, rising from the ocean, and he collapses. His girlfriend, Wah-Lei (Cher Yeung) cares for him as he recuperates. He experiences dreams of a past life in the Qin Dynasty, over 2000 years ago. In those dreams, he and a beautiful woman are lovers. At the same time, an archelogist’s daughter, Cheung Yuet-Heung (Brigitte Lin). is having the same dreams about Song Yu and herself.

Wah-Lei’s grandmother, a blind, self-described witch, advises her to let him go, that he belongs to the Qin Dynasty.

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One day at a museum exhibit of the Terracotta Warriors, Song-Yu sees Cheung Yuet-Heung in the flesh, and he tries to approach her. Frightened, she starts to run away, but then stops, and turns to him knowingly. They have an instant bond, and they talk excitedly about their mutual dreams and their 2000 year old love. She confesses to him that, in her dream, he is executed by the emperor, and that she then took her own life. They make love and spend the night together.

When they return to her home, her father is visiting with an old archeology colleague. They are startled to realize that Song-Yu’s face is identical to that of a terracotta warrior they had found, only to lose it at sea. Her father explains that she was born in their boat during an archaeological expedition, and her mother died giving birth to her. Her father held her in his arms, and he saw a young couple along the shoreline, holding a newborn baby. The implication is that the other baby was Song-Yu, born at the same time and place.

Wah-Lei is devastated that Song-Yu has found a new love, but realizes that she can’t compete with a 2000 year love affair. She slashes her wrists and dies, to the horror of Song-Yu and Cheung Yuet-Heung. They are so shaken by the tragedy, they reluctantly decide they must go their separate ways.

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