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Desert Winds

Desert Winds title card

Year - 1994
Studio - Vanguard Films, Success By Design Entertainment
Stars - Heather Graham, Michael A. Nickles, Grace Zabriskie, Jack Kehler, Nick Searcy
Director - Michael A. Nickels
Writing Credits - Michael A. Nickels
Music - James McVay


A young girl, Jackie (Jessica Hamilton), is playing in the New Mexico desert when she hears a disembodied boy's voice. He tells her that his name is Eugene and that he is in Arizona, some 500 miles away . As they talk to one another, she realizes that they are communicating via a mystical "wind tunnel" that Native Americans have described in their legends. Jackie continues to return to the desert location to resume their conversation, but she can no longer contact Eugene.

Seven years later, Eugene (Michael A. Nickels) returns to Arizona after living aimlessly in the rough inner city of Philadelphia. He goes to his old favorite desert location and again hears the voice of Jackie, now a young lady (Heather Graham). She explains that their wind tunnel connection is facilitated by the triangle of themselves and the moon. When the cloud covers the moon, their voices are interrupted.

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The two share the frustrations of their lives. Eugene had left his home for the city out of disgust for his father, who spent all his time combing the desert sands with his metal detector. He has now returned for his father's funeral. Jackie is bored and restless with her life, working at a dry cleaners, and plans to leave home for destinations unknown the next day.

Jackie and Eugene begin to experience an emotional connection, despite their physical separation. She tells him that, if he concentrates, they will actually be able to see each other. Skeptical at first, he reaches out to her, and they succeed in connecting and experiencing spiritual love.

Eugene later attends his father's funeral and then stops at the local tavern. The bartender gives him a sack that is filled with treasures accumulated by his father from his desert prospecting. Jackie follows through on her plan to leave home and strike out on her own. On her way, she drives through Eugene's small Arizona town. He is standing on the street, and their eyes meet briefly as she passes.

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