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Don't Die Without Telling Me Where You're Going

Don't Die Without Telling Me Where You're Going title card

Year - 1995
Studio - Arte Argentina
Stars - Dario Grandinetti, Mariana Arias, Oscar Martinez
Director - Eliseo Subiela
Writing Credits - Eliseo Subiela (screenplay)
Music - Pedro Aznar


Leopoldo (Darío Grandinetti) is a movie theatre projectionist, but his real passion is being an inventor. He carries around a potted plant that he calls "Anita", and electronically monitors it for its emotional state. His best friend is fellow inventor Oscar (Oscar Martinez) who has developed a robot ("a metal body and an Argentine heart"). Business is very slow at the theatre, so Leopoldo's future is precarious.

He is experimenting with an electronic device he believes will record and play back dreams, by processing brain wave activity. With himself as the subject, the device records what appears to be images of a beautiful woman, dressed in 19th Century attire. Soon, that woman, herself, appears as a spirit only to Leopoldo; others cannot see her.

She (Mariana Arias) says she is Rachel, and that she was married to him when he was "William" in a previous lifetime. She claims that William actually invented motion pictures while working for Thomas Edison, and explains that, while he was "reborn", she has remained in her lifetime.

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Rather than "collecting dreams", Oscar's invention seems to be collecting souls, as he encounters his dead father, who had passed on the projectionist job to him, and his brother, who was killed in the war.

Although he still loves his wife Susana (Mónica Galán), Oscar agonizes over this beautiful spirit who has entered his life.

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