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Ghost in Love / Jaguimo

Ghost in Love title card

Year - 1998
Studio - Cinema Service
Stars - Sung-jae Lee, Hee-seon Kim, Seung-won Cha, Hye-jeong Yu, Jin-Young Jang, Yeong-ja Lee, Kwang-jung Park, Won-jung Jeong, Se-jin Jang
Director - Kwang hoon-Lee
Writing Credits - Hong zhou-Li
Music - Jin-woo Oh


Realizing that her fiance is cheating on her, Jin Chae-byul (Kim Hee-sun) contemplates suicide. She is encouraged to so by two otherworldly figures and, when she hesitates, one actually pushes her in front of a subway training, killing her. They are from the Society for Suicide Ghosts (SSG). aggressively recruiting members to their ranks. The SSG allows its members to continue to roam Earth invisibly, because, as suicides, they are not candidates for either Heaven or Hell.

Jin Chae-byu meets "Pale Face", a woman who was killed in a gang rape, and is now, as a ghost, extracting vengeance on her killers. Jin Chae-byu decides to similarly seek revenge on her cheating boy friend, Na Han-su (Seung-won Cha). She inhabits the body of his new lover and ruins his wedding ceremony. She and "Pale Face" are tracked by "Messengers", supernatural beings who enforce the otherworldly laws, who intend to "execute" them.

One of the SSG recruiters is the sensitive "Kantocrates" ( Lee Sung-jae) so named because of his love of Kant and Hippocrates. He falls in love with Jin Chae-byul and attempts to dissuade her of her need for revenge, and to be at peace.

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