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Me Myself I

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Year - 1999
Studio - Sony Classics
Stars - Rachel Griffiths, David Roberts, Sandy Winton, Yael Stone, Shaun Loseby, Trent Sullivan, Rebecca Frith, Felix Williamson,
Director - Pip Karmel
Writing Credits - Pip Karmel
Music - Charlie Chan


Although Pamela Drury (Rachel Griffiths) is a successful, award-winning journalist, she is blasé about her career, and unhappy with her life and lack of meaningful relationships. She lives alone in a spectacularly unkempt apartment and obsessively wonders what her life would have been like had she married Robert Dickson when he proposed to her 13 years ago.

She meets and becomes interested in Ben (Sandy Winton). She follows him home and watches him at his window, only to discover he has a family. Totally despondent, she attempts, unsuccessfully, suicide in a bathtub with a hair dryer. However, later on the street, she is accidentally struck by a car. She uninjured, but the driver is .... herself, apparently from an alternate universe, who takes her home. There she assumes the role of herself in that other reality, and finds that she has been married to Robert Dickson (David Roberts) for thirteen years, and has three children.

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Their marriage is on shaky grounds and, she learns, each has cheated on the other. In addition, the children are ill-mannered and disrespectful. Pamela realizes that the life she could have chosen is no better than the path she took.

Although she thinks her situation to be temporary, Pamela is determined to improve her relationship with Robert and the children. She initiates lovemaking with him, much to his happy surprise. She cooks a meal for the family that is apparently better than anything they've experienced in years. And she behaves toward the children as a caring, but strong mother figure.

David falls in love with his wife all over again. As the family celebrates at a restaurant, the "other" Pamela appears, and the two exchange identities again. Back in her "real" existence, Pamela is a changed person, and immediately paints and cleans her apartment. She meets Ben again and discovers that he is not married after all, but has children from a previous marriage. Her life and future is looking very promising. ...

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The Australian production, Me Myself I, is very similar in story and moral to The Family Man, released one year later in the US.