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Another Day

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Year - 2001
Studio - Alliance Atlantis Communications, American Zoetrope
Stars - Shannen Doherty, Max Martini, Julian McMahon, Courtney Kidd, David Ferry, Kristina Nicol
Director - Jeffrey Reiner
Writing Credits - Helen Frost, Don McLeod
Music - John McCarthy


Kate (Shannen Doherty) is excited to have just been accepted to medical school, when she learns that she is pregnant. When her boyfriend Paul (Max Martini) suggests that she delay school for a couple of years, she angrily leaves and just drives around for the next couple of days. Returning to home, she sees that the factory where she works is on fire. She is told that Paul died inside the building, and that he was believed responsible for starting the fire. One of Kate's co-workers, Ray (David Ferry) is severely injured in the fire.

Kate gives birth to a baby girl, giving her the name Meghan. Helping her with raising her child is her best friend and neighbor David (Julian McMahon) a young artist.

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Five years later, she, Meghan and David are having a picnic, Meghan (Courtney Kidd) falls into the river and is carried along by the raging current. David and Kate dive in and attempt to save her. Kate is swept underwater but is able to swim to the surface and crawl onto the beach. An ambulance arrives, and one of the attendants tells her that they've been looking for her. The other person is Paul, and Kate faints.

At the hospital, she asks about Meghan and no one knows what she's talking about. When she learns the date, she realizes that she has time traveled back to the date two days before Paul's fatal fire.

As that day approaches Kate asks Paul to promise that he will not go near the factory. On the day, Paul, confused by Kate's behavior, goes off on his own to think about the situation. She drives around desperately looking for him. Meanwhile, Ray, an alcoholic, is told by his wife that she is leaving him. He arrives early for his shift at the otherwise empty factory and , in his drunken clumsiness, accidentally causes a fire to start and go out of control.

Kate, driving nearby (in a repeat of the earlier scene) sees the factory burning, and rushes in, thinking that Paul is there. She finds Ray trying to extinguish the fire, and he orders her to save herself. An explosion knocks her unconscious. Paul arrives and attempts to carry her out of the burning building, but an explosion mortally wounds him, and he dies in Kate's arms.

She loses consciousness and, when she awakens, she is again in the river, crawling to safety on the shore. The ambulance again arrives, this time with only the driver, no Paul. He tells her that Meghan is safe at home with David.

Kate resumes her life with Meghan and David. She goes to visit the invalid Ray and says that she wants Meghan to know the truth about her father and the fire, and Ray agrees.

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