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Before You Say "I Do"

Before You Say I Do title card

Year - 2009
Studio - The Hallmark Channel
Stars - David Sutcliffe, Jennifer Westfeldt, Lauren Holly, Brad Borbridge, Jeff Roop
Director - Paul Fox
Writing Credits - Elena Krupp
Music - Lawrence Shragge


Frustrated advertising writer, George (David Sutcliffe,) and Jane (Jennifer Westfelt) are very much in love. But when he proposes marriage to her, Jane panics, having been traumatized by the failure of her first marriage to Doug (Jeff Roop), who cheated on her from the beginning. She finally accepts his proposal, but backs out at the last minute out of fear that marriage would ultimately lead to disappointment.

George has the dangerous habit of running yellow lights with his eyes closed while he makes a wish. His luck runs out when he's hit by another car, while wishing that Jane had never been married the first time. When he revives, he discovers that he he has traveled ten years back in time, three days before Jane is to be married to the philandering Doug. He goes to Jane's place of business where she and her friend Mary (Lauren Holly) publish a small alternative newspaper. He convinces them to hire him to deliver the papers to their distributors, so that he can stay close to Jane and, somehow, prevent the marriage. In the meantime, he also visits the advertising company where he will be employed in the future and impresses the owner with his ideas (based on his knowledge of famous "future" ad campaigns.)

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The advertising company is determined to hire George and assigns the mail room clerk, Harvey (Brad Borbridge), to keep track of him. George is aware that, in ten years, Harvey will be his ad writing partner, but whose career was stalled when a rival employee stole his ideas for an important client. Now, George sabotages that theft and Harvey is promoted immediately.

Although George tries to convince Jane that her marriage to Doug would be doomed, she decides to go ahead with her wedding plans, despite starting to develop strong feelings for George. The jealous Doug sets up George to be arrested for burglarizing Jane's apartment. From jail, he calls Jane just before the wedding ceremony begins, and warns her that Doug is having an affair with the wedding planner. Harvey bails out George and they rush to the church. There, Jane sees Doug furtively wink at the wedding planner and she stops the ceremony. She and George drive off together but, speeding through a yellow light, they crash. George awakens to find himself again in the church, but this time he is married to Jane and they are renewing their vows after ten years of marriage.

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