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Enchanted title card

Year - 2007
Studio - Walt Disney Studios
Stars - Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Idina Menzel, Richard Covey, Susan Sarandon, Julie Andrews (narrator)
Director - Kevin Lima
Writing Credits - Billy Kelly
Music - Alan Menken, Lyrics by Steven Schwartz


It's a typical day in the animated magical kingdom of Andalasia. In her wooded cottage, lovely Giselle sings and makes a beautiful gown, assisted by the birds, chipmunks and all the creatures of the forest. Handsome Prince Edward is returning to the castle with a giant troll he has captured. When the troll hears Giselle singing in the distance, he breaks free, and plucks her from her cottage. As he is about to devour her, Prince Edward saves the day, with the assistance of Pip, a clever little chipmunk.

Giselle and the Prince immediately fall in love and plan to marry. They go to the Prince's castle, but Queen Narissa believes Giselle wants to steal her crown. She transforms herself into an ugly hag, and pretends to befriend Giselle, only to push her into a deep free fall abyss. When the Prince asks where he beloved has gone, the Queen replies, "To a place with no happy endings."

Giselle (Amy Adams) emerges from a manhole, in the live action chaos of modern day Times Square. Frantically trying to dodge her way through street traffic and crowds of rushing New Yorkers, she is spotted by a young girl, Morgan (Rachel Covey) and her father, Richard (Patrick Dempsey), a divorce attorney. They take pity on the lost and helpless innocent and bring her to their apartment, where she falls happily asleep on the living room couch.

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The next morning, Morgan and Richard awake to an apartment full of happy pigeons, rats, cockroaches and other urban creatures, who Giselle has summoned to assist her in cleaning the apartment.

In the meanwhile, Prince Edward (James Marsden) emerges from the same Times Square manhole in pursuit of his lost love. He is soon followed by the chipmunk Pip, and his friend Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) who the Queen has sent with secret instructions to kill Giselle.

As the Prince, Pip the chipmunk and Nathaniel all search the city, Giselle finds that she is enjoying Richard's company more and more. In central park, much to his embarrassment, she begins singing. A steel drum street band joins in, and soon everyone in the park is part of a show stopping song and dance spectacular.

Finally, the Prince tracks down Giselle, and they are reunited. To make up for the time he has been spending trying to help Giselle, Richard invites his girlfriend Nancy (Idina Menzel) to a posh costume ball. Prince Edward and Giselle also attend.

But at the ball, Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) shows up, having lost patience with Nathaniel's failed attempts to kill Giselle. In her ugly hag disguise she cajoles Giselle to take a bite of a poisoned apple, sending her into a deep coma. Only a true love kiss can revive her, but the Prince's kiss fails. Nancy urges Richard to try, seeing that he is smitten with Giselle, and the beauty revives. Now rejected by her son, Edward, the Queen metamorphoses into a fierce dragon, grabs Richard in her talons, and ascends to the top of the Chrysler Building, followed by an angry Giselle. A spectacular battle ensues and the dragon crashes to the sidewalk below.

Nancy returns with Prince Edward to Andalasia to be his queen; Giselle stays in the Big Apple with her new love Richard.

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