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For Eternal Hearts (Byeolbit soguro)

For Eternal Hearts title card

Year - 2007
Studio - Sponge
Stars - Kyeong-ho Jeong, Min-sun Kim, Su-yeon Cha, Byeong-seon Kim, Jin-yeong Jeong, Hang-Seon Jang
Director - Gyu-deok Hwang
Writing Credits - Gyu-deok Hwang
Music - Byeong-jun Go


As university professor Hyeon Su-yeong (Jeong Jin-yeong) is reading an online news bulletin about a tunnel collapse taking place nearby, two beautiful blue butterflies appear at his window. He opens the window and follows them through the school corridors to a closed classroom door. Inside are a group of his students, and they beg him to repeat the story about how he met his wife.

His story is told in flashback to 1979, during a period of student campus protests. Young Hyeon (Jeong Gyeong-ho) meets a free-spirited beauty (Kim Min-seon) who won't even tell him her name. He calls her "Pippi" after the Pippi Longstocking character, but she lets him in on her romantic world of the imagination, a world in which she says he should follow a loved one, even into death.

During a student demonstration, Pippi jumps to her death from the roof of a school building. But Hyeon starts seeing her on campus as if she still lived.

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Hyeon is hired by a hippie biker (Kim C) to serve as a math tutor to his younger sister, Su-ji (Cha Su-yeon). She lives in a dark house and claims that her parents died when she was 6. There develops an awkward tension between the two, and Hyeon tells Su-ji that he can't continue the tutoring.

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that things are not at all that they seem, that Su-ji may or may not be a ghost. Finally, the students listening to Hyeon's story are revealed to be not there in his classroom but involved in the tunnel disaster that he was reading about.