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The Legend of Loch Lomond

The Legend of Loch Lomond title card

Year - 2001
Studio - Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire, Principal Large Format
Stars - Kirsty Mitchell, Fiona Bell, Brian Cox, John Bett, Paul Blair, Stuart Sinclair Blyth,
Director - Mike Slee
Writing Credits - none credited
Music - John Lunn


Mahri (Kirsty Mitchell) and her rock band have come to perform in a pub inside an ancient Scottish castle. There, she is surprised to see the ghostly image of a lovely young woman in 18th century attire. The woman cried out, "Allan, where are you?" As she wanders in the castle cemetery, she encounters Robbie (Stuart Sinclair Blyth) who says that some visitors have reported seeing the same ghost.

When she sees the ghost again, she follows her, demanding to know what she wants, and who Allan is.

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The ghost (Fiona Bell) says that she is Moira, and that she is waiting for her lover, Allan, to return from the Jacobin battle at Loch Lomond, having made a solemn promise to return. Mahri learns from Robbie that spirits sometimes can connect with the modern world through a "mistgate". She follows him into a labyrinthine ruins, and is able to pass through the mistgate, where she learns the truth about Allan. He was hung as a traitor by the British and his best friend McCrimmon was shot dead before he could deliver the news to Moira. Mahri leads Allan's ghost out through the mistgate, and reunites him with Moira, who can now find peace.

The legend inspired the famous Scottish song, Loch Lomond —"Ye'll tak' the high road and I'll tak' the low road, and I'll be in Scotland afore ye..."

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