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Loving Glances / Sjaj u ocima

Loving Glances title card

Year - 2003
Studio - TLA Releasing, Yodi Movie Craftsman
Stars - Senad Alihodzic, Jelena Djokic, Ivana Bolanca
Director - Srdjan Karanovic
Writing Credits - Srdjan Karanovic
Music - Zoran Simjanovic


Labud (Senad Alihodzic) is a young refugee in post-war Belgrade, lonely for his fiancee who has moved to Chicago. He signs up for a dating service, where he is matched with Romana (Ivana Bolanca). As he tries to become romantically involved with her, ghosts from his past, including his dead mother, his old professor, as well as his hairdresser fiancee herself (always shampooing the same customer), visit him and try to advise him on his love affair and his life.

Romana, too, has "ghosts" who meddle in her affairs, including her dead alcoholic father, her opinionated sister and her Australian husband.

Although Labud and Romana have accepted their ethnic differences, he is Serbian, she Muslim, their families wage war on each other in an attempt to keep them apart. In a madcap finale, their relatives and ancestors (including a caveman!) invade a dating service dinner dance and fight each other as Labud and Romana dance serenely.

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Preview Clip

Writer/Director Srdjan Karanovic dedicated Loving Glances to RĂ©ne Clair, who made similarly spirited whimsical fantasies (I Married a Witch, It Happened Tomorrow).