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Naken title card

Year - 2000
Studio - Pratfilm
Stars - Henrik Norberg, Lisa Kock, Martin Forsström, Anna Järphammar
Director - Mårten Knutsson, Torkel Knutsson
Writing Credits - Mårten Knutsson, Torkel Knutsson
Music - Jon Rekdal


Anders (Henrik Norberg) wakes up on the morning he is to be wed to Maria (Lisa Kock). The victim of a drunken bachelor party stunt, he is naked, in an elevator in a strange Stockholm building. He desperately attempts to deal with his situation, finding clothing, money, and transportation to get to the wedding chapel. But, everyone he encounters is, perhaps not so surprisingly, less than helpful, and he resorts to theft and various ruses. But when he ultimately fails, he finds his way to his apartment and falls dejectedly asleep.

And then he wakes up, again naked in the same elevator. He eventually realizes he is living the same day again, and tries to learn from his previous attempts, but again fails, and again wakes up in the elevator. This happens to Anders over and over, and he experiments with a variety of solutions to his dilemma, including extreme criminal behavior. At one point he wins a Swedish lottery jackpot and is able to buy everything he needs towards his goal, but his late arrival and haughty attitude causes his bride-to-be to reject him. Ultimately, he discovers who he really is, and that kindness and unselfishness are key to finding true love and happiness.

Naken poster


Naken was clearly inspired by Groundhog Day, although with its crude sexual and bathroom humor, and full-frontal male nudity, it is a very different experience altogether. The Swedish comedy's opening credits begin with the name "Ingmar Bergman" on the screen, and then immediately adds before it, "Not a film by ...".

In 2017, Netflix produced a remake, Naked, starring Marlon Wayans, Regina Hall, and Dennis Haysbert.