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One Hell of a Guy

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Year - 2000
Studio - Flashpoint Limited
Stars - Rob Lowe, Michael York, Alexandra Powers, Bruce Weitz, Eva LaRue, Sandra Bernhard
Director - James David Pasternak
Writing Credits - Laura Leviine
Music - Michael Whalen


Nick (Rob Lowe) is a minion of the Devil (Michael York), determined to prove he can successfully carry out his boss's orders. He is sent to a small town on Earth to steal the soul of Cassie Springer (Alexandra Powers) a young waitress. She works in a cafe operated by Eddie (Bruce Weitz), and lives with Eddie's Aunt Vivian (Signe Hasso), who claims to have been a famous Hollywood actress in the 1930s.

Nick's attempts to corrupt Cassie and cause her to commit a mortal sin are no match for her sweet innocence, despite the aggressive encouragement by the Devil's seductive assistant, Daphne (Eva LaRue). Nick finds himself torn between his desire to succeed and his attraction to Cassie.

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Eddie schemes to take ownership of his aunt's home, to finance his business, by having her declared incompetent because of her "fantasies" about her Hollywood past. In court, she acts out a scene from one of her films, and Nick joins her in the scene, believing that he, in life, had been with her. Aunt Vivian is found incompetent and the judge (Lindsay Crouse) awards the property to Eddie.

Cassie is so enraged by Eddie's deceit that, with Daphne's urging, she confronts and shoots at Eddie. Nick steps in front of the shot with the bullet stopped by Vivian's thick scrapbook he carries. Cassie, however, believes she has killed Nick. Daphne takes the gun and shoots Cassie.

Cassie, in heaven, is revealed to have been an angel. In life, she had been Nick's wife, killed in a car accident. She is allowed to return to Earth to reunite with Nick, both of them now mortals.

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