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Over Her Dead Body

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Year - 2008
Studio - New Line Cinema
Stars - Eva Longoria Parker, Paul Rudd, Lake Bell, Jason Biggs, Lindsay Sloane
Director - Jeff Lowell
Writing Credits - Jeff Lowell
Music - David Kitay


On the day of her wedding to Henry (Paul Rudd), Kate (Eva Longoria Parker) is a raving control freak as she barks orders at the wedding dinner caterers. When a huge ice sculpture of an angel arrives, she orders the sculptor to replace it because the angel has no wings. As the pickup truck speeds off, the sculpture falls back on her, crushing her to death.

In a white heavenly waiting room, she is greeted by an angel (with no wings). Kate is so busy arguing with the angel that she fails to get her instructions for entering Heaven.

A year later, Henry's sister Chloe (Lindsay Sloane) wants to help her brother get over his grief, and takes him to a psychic, Ashley (Lake Bell), in hopes that she can connect with Kate's spirit who will advise Henry to move on with his life. Henry is very skeptical and no spiritual contact is achieved. Chloe then provides Ashley with Kate's diary, so that she can pretend to have knowledge that only Henry would otherwise possess. Henry is impressed with Ashley's abilities, and the two begin to form a romantic connection as well.

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Kate's ghost is angered by their romance, and appears at Ashley's home in human form. In a séance, she floats into the air and in an ominous, ghostly voice, orders Ashley to stop seeing Henry. Ashley at first complies out of fear, but her feelings for Henry are so strong that she brings in her priest to perform an exorcism, which fails.

Ashley is confounded by her dilemma of loving Henry, but fearing Kate; Henry is confused by Ashley's ambivalence.