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17 Again

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Year - 2009
Studio - Offspring Entertainment
Stars - Zac Efron, Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon, Matthew Perry, Tyler Steelman, Allison Miller, Sterling Knight, Michelle Trachtenberg
Director - Burr Steers
Writing Credits - Jason Filardi
Music - Rolfe Kent


Mike O'Donnell (Zac Efron) is a popular teen and star basketball player at his high school and is in love with Scarlett (Allison Miller). She reveals to him that she is pregnant just before the start of a big game, with pro scouts in attendance. In mid-dribble, Mike walks off the court to follow Scarlett to the gym hallway. He pledges that he wants to spend his life with her, and he gives up his basketball dreams.

Twenty years later, Mike (now played by Matthew Perry) is an unhappy and frustrated father of two, Alex (Sterling Knight) and Maggie (Michelle Trachtenberg), and is in the midst of a divorce from Scarlett (now played by Leslie Mann). He is staying with his wealthy, nerd buddy from high school, Ned Gold (Thomas Lennon). One day as he gazes nostalgically at the school trophy case, he confides to a white bearded janitor (Brian Doyle-Murray) that if he'd live his life again he'd make better choices. Later, driving on a stormy night, he sees the janitor standing on the rails of a bridge, preparing to jump. Mike runs to intervene, but is swept over the side into a watery vortex. When he extracts himself from the river, he is shocked to discover that he seventeen again (and again played by Efron). Ned, a science fiction buff, determines that the janitor was a spiritual guide to Mike, to allow him a second chance at a pro basketball career. Acting as Mike's father, he accompanies him to high school to register as a student, and makes a pass at the principal (Melora Hardin).

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Mike is is now a classmate with his own children, and discovers that the school bully is tormenting his son, Alex, and dating his daughter, Maggie. He becomes a buddy to Alex and helps him with his basketball skills. He lectures Maggie and her girlfriends on the virtues of sexual abstinence, much to their amusement. When he visits Alex at home, Scarlett is fascinated with his resemblance to her husband when he was younger. He realizes how much he still loves her, and is hurt that she is starting to date.

Mike begins to understand that his purpose in this second chance is not about basketball, but about becoming a better person, father and husband.