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Awaken title card

Year - 2011
Studio - Osiris Entertainment
Stars - Corey Sevier, Jordan Ladd, Ryan Alosio, Renee Dorian, Kim Poirier
Director - Daric Loo
Writing Credits - Daric Loo
Music - Darren Fung


Alex (Corey Sevier) runs a small coffee shop which he owns with his brother, Ben (Ryan Alosio). One morning, as he opens, a young woman customer introduces herself as Rachel (Jordan Ladd) and asks him to join her at a table for coffee. Needing to complete his shop opening duties, he reluctantly declines, but they agree to meet again soon. Shortly after she leaves, Alex learns that she was struck and killed by a car nearby.

Later, he begins experiencing dreams where he and Rachel are lovers. He becomes obsessed with these visions and studies the art of "lucid dreaming," i.e. being aware that one is dreaming and having some control over the experience. Now, in his dreams he is able to go directly to Rachel, and she to him. In their dream meetings they can instantly transport themselves to other locations.

Alex eventually learns that Rachel was in a ten-day coma three years ago, and that their dream connections are taking place in that time past. He is determined to assist her to revive from the coma state.

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