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In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes title card

Year - 2014
Studio - Bellwether Pictures, Night and Day Pictures
Stars - Zoe Kazan, Michael Stahl-David, Mark Feuerstein, David Gallagher, Jennifer Gray, Steve Howey
Director - Brin Hill
Writing Credits - Joss Wheldon
Music - Tony Morales


Becky, a little girl in wintry New Hampshire, rides a speeding sled down a snow covered hill, straight toward a tree. Meanwhile, Dylan, thousands of miles away in New Mexico, suddenly experiences Becky's view and terror and, as she crashes, he falls to the floor in his school classroom.

Twenty years later, Becky (Zoe Kazan) is married to Phillip Porter (Mark Feurstein), a doctor and a very controlling husband. Dylan (Michael Stahl-David) works in a car wash, recently released from prison for burglary. When he is knocked to the floor in a pool hall fight, Becky, at a social gathering, similarly crashes to the floor, telepathically experiencing what has happened to Dylan. Soon, the two discover that they can make themselves visualize what each other is seeing, as well as experiencing tactile feelings of each other. (When Dylan slaps himself in the face, Becky literally feels his pain.)

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The two find close companionship in their telepathic communications, but others are disturbed by their talking in public, seemingly to nobody. Becky's husband is embarrassed and concerned, and he asks a psychiatric colleague for help. Dylan's boss at the car wash fears that he is frighening the customers, and he fires him. Dylan's friends from his criminal past, the Soames brothers (Steve Howey and David Gallagher) try to recruit him for a burglary they have planned. But, having fallen in love with the distant Becky, he is is determined to reform his life.

When a concerned friend of Becky believes that her strange behavior is caused by an affair she is having, she tells Becky's husband, Phillip. He takes her, against her will, to a rehab institute. "Seeing" Becky's situation, Dylan takes a flight to New Hampshire, as Becky guides him to her captive location. At the airport, he has to steal a car to get to the asylum, and is chased by the police. Becky manages to escape the building, and she and Dylan converge towards each other in a nearby woods. They meet at the railroad tracks and manage to hop into a boxcar of a moving train, now together in the flesh, on their way to a new life together.

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