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Upside Down

Upside Down title card

Year - 2012
Studio - Onxy Films, Canal+, Cine+, Studio 37
Stars - Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst, Timothy Spall
Director - Juan Solanas
Writing Credits - Juan Solanas
Music - Benoit Charest, Mark Isham


The story takes place somewhere in the universe where twin planets exist, side by side, each with its own gravitational force. The inhabitants of the "upper planet" have wealth and plentiful resources, while those in the lower world live in poverty. The only physical connection between the twin worlds is a huge tower operated by a mega-corporation, TransWorld, where workers can interact, but must otherwise remain separate. As a matter of physics, material from one world, called "inverse matter", can be used in the other to overcome the effects of gravity. However, its effect is limited to just a few hours, after which it catches fire.

As a young boy, Adam climbs to the top of one of the mountains on the lower world, whose peak nearly touches the peak of a similar mountain in the upper world. There, he sees a young girl, Eden. Knowing that contact is forbidden, they nevertheless ultimately devise the means for Eden to be lowered (raised?) to the lower world where he carries her around on his shoulders, preventing her world's gravity from pulling her back. But their happiness is short-lived when armed guards arrive. Adam tries to safely return Eden to her planet but she falls there and is badly injured.

Ten years later, Adam (now played by Jim Sturgess) is working in a dreary factory, when he sees a televised news story that features Eden (Kirstin Dunst), now a TransWorld employee. Determined to get to her, he obtains a position with the company, working in the connecting tower between the two worlds. He is assigned to a cubicle in a massive office environment where, above him and "upside down", are employees from the upper planet. One of those workers is Bob Boruchowitz (Timothy Spall) who is friendly with Adam.

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Adam is working on a product of great interest to TransWorld executives, a rejuvenating facial cream containing inverse matter material that reverses the aging effects of gravity. When Bob Boruchowitz is fired from his position, he gives his employee badge to Adam, allowing him access to the floor where Eden works. But he has to hide inverse matter material under his clothing to counteract the reverse gravity of those upper floors. When he arrives at Eden's work area, she doesn't recognize him, as the childhood injury had caused her to have amnesia. And, when the material hidden under his clothing begins to burn, Adam has to hurry back to the lower floor.

Eden begins to remember fragments of their childhood visits, and eventually they are able to surreptitiously meet, aided by a special vest devised by Bob Boruchowitz that overcomes the fire danger. However, as they are having an idyllic outdoor rendezvous, the authorities arrive brandishing weapons. Adam is able to escape to his planet, while Eden is taken into custody. Dejected and depressed, Adam is visited by representatives from the upper world who demand that he turn over the makeup cream formula to TransWorld to have the charges against Eden dismissed. He does so, and sadly returns to his old factory job.

Adam is surprised when Bob pays him a visit at the factory, explaining that he has discovered improved methods for interplanetary travel. He adds that he had patented the makeup cream formula before TransWorld was able to do so.

Adam is overjoyed when he is visited by Eden, apparently having no problems with the reverse gravity in the lower world. She tells him that she can stay with him forever, that she is pregnant, and that the physical changes caused by their union allow her to exist in either world.

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Upside Down, and Edge of Tomorrow are the only film blanc titles on this site, to date, to have been released in 3D.