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Year - 2020
Studio - Amazon Studios
Stars - Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Zainab Johnson, Kevin Bigly, Allegra Edwards
Director - Kacie Anting, Greg Daniels, Daina Reed, Jonathan Van Tulleken
Writing Credits - Greg Daniels
Music - Joseph Stephens


Set in the near future, where people can choose dying a natural death or, while still living, having their consciousness "uploaded" to a server. They can select a cyberspace environment based on their interests and financial means, where they exist as an avatar, under the control of a customer service representative or "angel." Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) is a talented software developer who is in business with his partner and friend, Jamie (Jordan Johnson-Hinds). He is a passenger in a supposedly accident-proof self-driving car which crashes into a parked truck, injuring him severely. As he faces possible death, his girlfriend, the beautiful, wealthy, and self-centered Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) convinces him to let her pay for his being uploaded. They choose as his digital afterlife, Lakeview, a posh environment with many amenities.

Upload poster

In Lakeview, Nathan is under the control of his customer service rep, Nora (Andy Allo). Whenever she needs to interact directly with him, she puts on her virtual reality goggles and enters his digital world as another avatar. While Ingrid is also able to visit Nathan digitally, their contacts become less frequent as time goes on.

Although Nathan is only one of her many clients, Nora develops a special interest in him, and begins to investigate the facts of his suspicious accident, as well as why many memories are missing from his consciousness. Nathan and Nora begin to realize they are falling in love with each other. When he breaks up with Ingrid, she halts her financial support and he is moved to the "2 Gigs" floor, when residents are limited to only two monthly gigabytes of experiences.

Upload is a television series on the Amazon Prime Video platform. Season One had ten episodes and ended with a major cliffhanger. Like Her, it portrays romance between human and digital characters.