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A Christmas Wedding Date

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Year - 2012
Studio - ARO Entertainment, Lancom Entertainment
Stars - Maria Sokoloff, Chris Carmack, Catherine Hicks, George Wendt, Vanessa Evigan, Chelan Simmons, Lenny Jacobson
Director - Fred Olen Ray
Writing Credits - Jeffrey Schenck, Peter Sullivan, Fred Olen Ray
Music - Jamie Dunlap, Matthew Janszen


Rebecca Wesley (Maria Sokoloff) is an ambitious, career-driven executive in New York City, but is laid off from her position. Although she hasn't visited her mother and old friends in her small California home town for years, she takes the opportunity to fly home to attend a friend's Christmas eve wedding. On the cab ride from the airport, she explains her aversion to love and marriage to the cab driver (George Wendt). He argues that marriage is a "gift you give yourself" and he gives her a crystal Christmas ornament.

Rebecca's mother, Shirley (Catherine Hicks) is disappointed in Rebecca's lack of compassion. She goes to work at her restaurant, while Rebecca goes to her friend Allison's (Vanessa Evigan) wedding to Mark (Levi Fiehler). There she meets her old high school boyfriend, Chad (Chris Carmack). But when her old rival for Chad, Molly (Chelan Simmons) offers a toast to the bride and groom, and insults Rebecca, she leaves the wedding reception in anger.

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When she wakes up the next morning and prepares for the cab trip back to the airport, her mother tells her that today is Christmas eve and that she doesn't leave until tomorrow. Rebecca eventually realizes that, somehow, she is reliving the day all over again. But this time, when she goes to the wedding reception, she beats Molly to the punch with an insult. And she finds herself more interested in resuming her relationship with Chad.

Christmas Eve day continues to repeat itself, over and over, for Rebecca, who experiments with different strategies and personalities to deal with her predicament.

Ultimately, Rebecca learns to become a positive and kind person, in dealing with the people and previously unresolved situations in her life. She learns ice skating to please Chad, and learns how to cook, to please her mom. One day when she awakes, it is actually Christmas Day. The taxi arrives, but she tells the driver (called Mr. Destiny in the credits) that she will stay with her friends and family. He reveals that he knew that, but needs her to return the crystal ornament for another soul that needs help.

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A Christmas Wedding Date is another in the growing list of Groundhog Day inspired films about living the same day over and over. That list includes another Christmas-themed movie, Christmas Do-Over.

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