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Christmas Do-Over

Christmas Do-Over title card

Year - 2007
Studio - ABC Family Pictures
Stars - Jay Mohr, Daphne Zuniga, David Millbern, Adrienne Barbeau, Tim Thomerson, Logan Grove, Ruta Lee
Director - Catherine Cyran
Writing Credits - Trevor Reed Cristow, Jacqueline David
Music - Andrew Gross


Kevin (Jay Mohr) travels to a small mountain community to spend Christmas Day with his ex-wife, Jill (Daphne Zuniga) and their son Ben (Logan Grove), at the home of her parents, Arthur and Trudi Conlon (Tim Thomerson and Adrienne Barbeau). Although Ben is excited to see his father, the others give him a frosty reception, with the exception of Granny (Ruta Lee). Kevin reacts with his characteristic sarcasm. Also at the house is Jill's new boyfriend, Todd (David Milbern), a wealthy but somewhat humorless cardiologist. The day does not go well for Kevin and he decides to leave, but has to stay when a neighbor reports that the only road out of town has been blocked by a fallen boulder.

At the stroke of midnight, Kevin finds himself again ringing the doorbell to the Conlons, experiencing the same Christmas Day. He initially believes he is hallucinating and the family is confused by his odd behavior. That night, the same Christmas re-set repeats, and he realizes he is in a time loop, reliving the day over and over. Kevin is still in love with Jill, and he uses the phenomenon to try various approaches to winning her back. At first his attempts involve trying to make Todd look bad in Jill's eyes. Then he "wins" the lottery and buys Jill an expensive diamond bracelet, but she rebuffs him for trying to "buy" her love. Eventually, he understands that it is he who must change, and become a more honest and authentic person.

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Christmas Do-Over joins the time travel sub-group of "time loop" themes, the most famous member being Groundhog Day, Other examples include 12:01, Naken, and Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow, and another Christmas film, A Christmas Wedding Date.