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In My Dreams

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Year - 2014
Studio - Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions
Stars - Katherine McPhee, Mike Vogel, JoBeth Williams, Jessalyn Wanlim, Antonio Cupo, Rachel Skarsten, Giacomo Baessato
Director - Kenny Leon
Writing Credits - Teena Booth, Suzette Couture
Music - William Ross


Natalie Russo (Katherine McPhee) has inherited her late mother's Italian restaurant, but is frustrated with her ability to make it successful. Her waitress and friend Sharla (Jessalyn Wanlim) tries to persuade her to develop her own style in the business.

Nick Smith (Mike Vogel) works as a draftsman in an architectural firm, but has ambitions for designing bridges and major city structures, and he recently entered a prestigious competition for a bridge design. Nick recently experienced a painful breakup with a girlfriend, and his mother, Charlotte (JoBeth Williams) keeps trying to introduce him to new girls.

At a park, on the opposite sides of a large fountain and unseen to each other, Natalie and Nick toss a penny into the water, each making their own wish. The two pennies drop to the bottom of the fountain touching each other.

That night, after exhaustive days at their respective jobs, they fall asleep and dream of meeting each other by the fountain, experiencing a strong attraction to each other. The following night, they again meet in their dreams, this time in a garden gazebo. Natalie and Nick begin to look forward each day to being with each other in their dreams.

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At a family gathering, Nick's father tells him about the legend of the Hayward Fountain, that if one throws in a coin and makes a wish, he or she will meet their future love in seven nights of dreams.

Natalie takes big steps to improve the menu and atmosphere at her restaurant, while Nick starts to think seriously about starting his own firm. But they each find themselves becoming unhappy with a fantasy love life. Nick reluctantly goes on a date with an old girlfriend, Jessa (Rachel Skarsten), and they end up at Natalie's restaurant. The two don't come face to face, but each senses the other's presence. When Natalie dreams that night, Nick fails to appear. The next night, Natalie goes out dancing with her Italian chef, Mario (Antonio Cupo), and Nick finds himself alone in his dream.

Nick and Jessa go to the bridge design award ceremony but, before the winner is announced, he leaves, convinced that he must find Natalie in the flesh. She, too, leaves the restaurant on its busiest night in search of Nick. They ultimately meet at the fountain and, fearing that each other might not be real, they hesitantly embrace.

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The theme of lovers finding each other in their dreams is also found in Peter Ibbetson and Awaken.